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Hostal Rural


Hostel located in the urban core of the locality. Familiar environment. It has 11 bedrooms with full bathroom and TV. It has parking, restaurant, living room and terrace.



It is located in the Northwest of Navarre, in the Pyrenees, 90 km from Pamplona. It is head and capital of the Valley of Ronal and it has the category of Villa. In the banks of the river Esca. Village of Pyrenean features, with stone houses and streets, which gives it a rustic mountain. An imposing stone church dominates the population. It also has, bank offices, shops, library and an Interpretation Center of Nature, where wildlife Roncal Valley is represented, as well as the lifestyles are described. Crumbs shepherd and lamb stew (lamb stew with potatoes) are typical. Typical product with designation of origin is the Roncal cheese.

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